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Thanksgiving is One Week Away! Hooray!

T minus seven days until Thanksgiving! I’m making my lists, shopping on Monday, then it all starts Tuesday night. Looking forward to an amazing week of food, family, and fun!…


Celebrating Astronauts and Teaching Excellence

When the last transmission for the International Space Station ended, the crowd in the middle school auditorium cheered wildly. The applause went on for over three minutes – more than…


Best Skillet Cornbread Ever!

If you want to make the best cornbread ever, take this Texas recipe and make it happen. My mom made this for me a few years ago.  It is a…


Taking Mac and Cheese to a New Level!

On the afternoon of Christmas Eve, my good friend Carolyn sent me one of those recipe videos – the ones that show you how to make something in less than…


Turkey Legs on the Big Green Egg Tonight

As Thanksgiving approaches, I’m getting pretty excited! It is by far my favorite holiday. It’s Sunday night, and I’ve done all of my shopping. I’m sure I will need to…


We brought this beautiful Lentil and Spinach dish to Karen’s pot luck dinner last night!

What to bring to a pot luck when good cooks are involved is always a tough question.  After fretting, we decided to go vegetarian and tried a new dish –…


Great Dinner Last Night! – Pasta with Baked Tomato Sauce and Caesar Salad

I was Jill’s sous-chef last night, and I was happy to do it!  And it was one of the best dinner’s I’ve had in a while. We featured a new…


Giving Parents the Tools to Succeed

Twice a year, the superintendents and curriculum leaders from seven high-performing districts across the western United States meet to learn from each other and local experts.  One of our themes…


Reading: Screens or Paper?

We are a reading family.  It’s been that way since the words of Goodnight Moon and The Big Red Barn echoed through the house as our children were young.  One…


One More Hill

My dad took up bicycling in the 1970s.  Biking with 10-speed bikes.  No one biked with 10-speed bikes back then!  I was a swimmer, so ever since I was ten years…