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Mothers’ Day 2020

May 10, 2020 Unconditional love. If I could give every person on this planet one gift, it would be the promise that throughout your life, you will be loved, unconditionally.…


On Ladybugs and Dogs

Posted on April 25, 2020  It may have been the most thoughtless senior prank I ever experienced. As a former high school principal, I don’t love senior pranks. Usually, very little…

Education Life

On Writing

“I have raised an illiterate son.” Those were the words my dad spoke to me as a 17-year-old, as I was filling out my Harvard application. Harvard required that we…



I’m a big fan of reading. But I have found that reading various news feeds on my iPad, computer or iPhone, while informative, does absolutely nothing to calm my soul.…


Student Life During COVID-19

“I haven’t been bored once. Not one bit.” That’s what my 17-year-old high school junior son Dawson told Jill and me after two weeks of isolation. I believe him. He…

Education Life

On Teams

As I have made these COVID-19 posts on Facebook, and I as tentatively enter the world of “social distance media,” I have heard from so many people from different chapters…


Thanksgiving, 2019!

It was another wonderful Thanksgiving! We had 21 at the house. We remembered Jill’s Aunty Betty, and all of the love she had brought us for her 103 years. The…


Gregory, Move Over! Why Not The Jillean Calendar?

Over the years, whether you are aware of it or not, we have all lived and suffered through the problems with our Gregorian Calendar. While it suffices, it has major…

Education Life

Lawnmowers and Snowplows

When I was a high school principal, a parent of a senior came up to me and asked, “Did you really tell my son he should turn down his college…


OMIT Post #3: The Role of the Kitchen Towel

Best title ever! If that doesn’t generate excitement, what does? In my Operation Make It Tidy (OMIT) quest, I will share ideas and articles that have given me insight into…

Cooking Life

OMIT Post #2: In Praise of Marie Kondo

In my Operation Make It Tidy (OMIT) quest, I will share articles and ideas that have given me insight into how to keep the kitchen neat and tidy as I…

Cooking Life

A Quest: Operation Make it Tidy (OMIT)

I think you all know I love to cook. I have many strengths that help me manage cooking and preparing, whether it be for one or one hundred of our…