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Turkey Legs on the Big Green Egg Tonight

Caveman Heaven

As Thanksgiving approaches, I’m getting pretty excited! It is by far my favorite holiday. It’s Sunday night, and I’ve done all of my shopping. I’m sure I will need to go back to the store one more time, but I’m ready. I’ll be dry brining two turkeys tomorrow night – that takes three days.  I’m working Monday and Tuesday, then I pick my mom up at the airport on Tuesday night, and Thanksgiving officially begins.

But why not start a little early?  I saw Turkey Legs on sale at the store, so I bought a package of three, and started dreaming about Turkey Legs, Renaissance Fairs, Disneyland, and the Arkansas State Fair.  Caveman Pops!  So good!  I seasoned them with some of my Arkibu Rub last night.  I fired up the the Big Green Egg around 4:00 in the afternoon.

Dawson and I played a few games of ping pong in the light mist.  He’s getting better, but I can still take him.  That was how it was with Ryan for a long time, now I can beat Ryan 2 out of 10 times if I’m lucky.

The legs went on the Egg at 5:00.  I smoked them at 300 degrees (just the charcoal – no wood chips) until they hit an internal temp around 175 to 180.  A little over an hour later, they were ready to go!

I took them inside, and glazed them with what I thought was a decent amount of honey, then put them on my hot gas grill, directly over flame.  I turned them a few times, and took them off when they were good and charred!  They looked Disneyland/Renaissance worthy!

I wrapped them up in foil, unwrapped them at dinner time, and Dawson and I dined like fortunate Cavemen tonight.  Uggh!  Next time, I’ll honey them up even more!  I’ll upload the recipe soon.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  It’s already started in our house!