Happy Thanksgiving!

Without question, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Family, food and nothing else.  I think that most of us are not grateful enough for what we have.  I know I’m not.  I can always find reasons to complain – life has kicked me real hard a few times.  But I have so many reasons to be thankful, and I try to remind myself each day of how fortunate I am to have love around me, to have beauty around me, and to have a chance to make the world a little better.  Today is always a great day, and Thanksgiving is always a day to celebrate all the great days, at value all of the love in our lives, past and present, and to just take a long moment to be consciously grateful.

I have posted a lot of my Thanksgiving recipes on this page.  Take a look and enjoy.


I try to use these recipes throughout the year, but I’ve included them all in a Thanksgiving section on the website.

Thanksgiving Schedule

Monday or Tuesday Night:

  • Brine both turkeys – 1 for the oven and 1 for the smoker

Wednesday Night:

  • Make Spicy Cranberry Sauce
  • Make Cornbread – Skillet Cornbread or just any old cornbread.
  • Prepare Brussels Sprouts
  • Make Pie Crust Dough and place in fridge
  • Make Pumpkin Pie Mix
  • Make cheese grits and prepare for baking

Thursday – Shooting for a 2:00 PM Serving Time

7:30 AM    Take Out Turkeys

8:00 AM

  • Start Making Dressing
  • Start Up the Big Green Egg!

9:00 AM

  • Make and Bake Pies
  • Make Brussels Sprouts
  • Clean and Prepare House
  • Set Table
  • Get out platters and serving spoons
  • Put Turkeys in the Oven and the Big Green Egg

9:30 AM

  • Clean Up The Kitchen
  • Chill Out for a While (Football starts soon!)

11:00 AM

  • Take Grits, Dressing, and Sprouts out of Fridge

12:00 PM

  • Guests Arrive
  • Set out Appetizers
  • Place Grits in Oven

12:30 PM

  • Take Turkey out of Oven
  • Place Dressing in Oven
  • Take Cranberry Sauce out of fridge
  • Take Turkey off of BGE

1:30 PM

  • Take Dressing and Grits Out
  • Heat Sprouts
  • Heat Peas

1:45 PM     Carve Turkey

Exactly at 2:00 PM – Ring the Bell, Give Thanks, and Eat!