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Yields1 ServingPrep Time30 minsCook Time15 minsTotal Time45 mins

We love steak in my house.  Except for my lovely vegetarian wife.  But she supports the three boys in the house in our passion for steak. So what cut is best?

According to Dawson, nothing beats a filet. It's butter soft, not as fatty as ribeyes, and a perfect steak for home or the steakhouse.

Ryan and I both prefer ribeyes - the fat is much higher, and so is the flavor. To me, the bone in ribeye is the steak to order in a steakhouse, and nothing beats it.

If high quality New York steaks are on sale, it's always a fantastic option. They are tougher than filets, but a little more flavorful.

People love Porterhouses, which are like a T-bone, with a New York on one side of the bone, and a filet on the other. To me, they are too hard too cook. Getting two different cuts to the perfect temperature is super challenging.

Finally, when I'm buying steak in the grocery store, a good grass-fed steak is always a great option, as it creates both great flavor and texture.

 1 Steak, per person*
 Soy Sauce
 Montreal Steak Seasoning

Take it out of the fridge and let it sit at least 30 minutes. Don't let it sit for hours - it's unsafe.


Season with Soy Sauce To me, it's more interesting that Worcestershire sauce


Season with Montreal Steak Seasoning. It's the best. I cover mine with it, and sprinkle Dawson's lightly. It has a Steak-au-poivre feel to it.


Cook it on the grill or on the Big Green Egg (Direct Cooking). No other way to do it. Get it hot - 400 to 500 degrees is great.


3 Minutes on each side, Rotate 90 degrees and cook 3 minutes on each side again (makes nice cross-hatch marks). I cook my steak until it's 130 degrees. It's a perfect medium rare.

Now, if you have a super thick steak - over 2" thick, please see my recipe for Tomahawk Steaks. You are going to need to use some indirect heat.


Let sit for 3-5 minutes, then serve it up!