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Disneyland Turkey Legs (aka Caveman Pops)

Yields4 ServingsPrep Time30 minsCook Time1 hr 30 minsTotal Time2 hrs

My family loves Disneyland. They go several times a year, and if we lived closer, they'd go more. I go once a year and enjoy myself immensely. But . . . I don't need or want more than that. What I do love about Disneyland, and if I lived closer might be worth the price of an annual passport, is their high quality turkey legs. Caveman Pops. I love a good meal on a stick, and this is the mountaintop of such meals. This is my attempt at reaching the Caveman Pop Summit. Enjoy!

 4 Turkey Legs - Medium Sized to Large. These are easy to find at Thanksgiving, but you may have to ask your butcher ahead of time other times of the year.
 ¼ cup Arkibu Rub , or other BBQ Rub
 ½ cup Honey

The night before you want to cook these, rub them with Arkibu BBQ Rub.


Fire up the Big Green Egg, or your favorite indirect heat smoker. I put it to 300 degrees. Prepare some apple or pecan wood chips by soaking them in water.


Add chips, lay turkey legs on the grill, and smoke until they are done. Time will depend on the size. 40 minutes to a little over an hour. Use your Thermapen. Take it off when the bottom thinner meat starts to separate from the bone, and when the meat is 180 degrees.


Place in a casserole pan or something and cover with foil until you close to being ready serve. Remember - for food to be safe, don't let it sit if it's under 140 degrees.


When you are ready to serve, coat each leg with a lot of honey, brushing it all over the meat.


Fire up a direct heat grill (I use my Weber Genesis Grill), spray some cooking spray on it, and sear the honey-coated goodness in, about five minutes per side.


Wrap each leg in foil, and serve when you are ready!

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